Giving to the ALC Scholarship Fund by Mail

If you’d like to donate by mail, please make a check payable to “ACA f.b.o. Alford Lake Camp” for any amount you’d like to give, and mail it to us at our winter office at the address below.

sample check_500

Mail to:

Alford Lake Camp
5 Salt Marsh Way
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

“I sat alone on the end of the dock, dangling my feet in the water and grumbling to myself. What in the world was I doing here? What possessed me to come back for another summer? (This was my second summer as a counselor and my sixth at ALC.) Why was I here when I could be making a whole lot more money slinging T-bones at the local steakhouse back at home? I swished the cool lake water around with my toes, taking in its calmness through the soles of my feet. Yes, why was I here? What was it that was so much more important to me than money? Slowly, the beginnings of a song bubbled up from inside me.

Shall I dare, dare to grow?
Leave behind the me I know?
Shall I dare to step out and
take a look about?
Shall I dare to extend out
my hand and touch a friend?
Shall I dare, shall I dare to grow?
Yes, I’ll dare, dare to grow
and add to the me I know
Yes, I’ll dare to reach out
and take a look about
Look below, look above for
another soul to love
Who’ll love me and
together we shall grow!”

-ALC Alum and composer  of “Shall I Dare?