Giving to the ALC Scholarship Fund by Mail

If you’d like to donate by mail, please make a check payable to “ACA f.b.o. Alford Lake Camp” for any amount you’d like to give, and mail it to us at our winter office at the address below.

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Mail to:

Alford Lake Camp
5 Salt Marsh Way
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

“I graduated from law school in May and what I found interesting was how immediately after taking the bar exam, Alford Lake was the first place I wanted to visit.  I remember being a camper and counselor at ALC and each summer thinking that camp could never mean more to me than it did at that moment. However, with time and distance ALC does not become less significant. Rather, the important role it has played in developing my confidence and awareness of others becomes all the more clear. Though my family and the academic institutions I attended taught me those lessons as well, it was the consistency and challenges of camp, which I faced independent of my parents, where they became tangible. As I made the transition from law student to lawyer, I realized that I needed to return to the place where I first learned to think about others, to stand up for what I believe is right, and to recognize the ability we all have to effect change.  While I knew at the time that I was becoming a better swimmer, or a stronger hiker, I was less aware of the far more significant life skills I was learning. Visiting camp enabled me to acknowledge its importance in my life as well as witness the next generation learning those same values.”
- Maggie Williams, Alum