“A Place I Call Home” – Camper Essay

We know Alford Lake Camp lives in the hearts of our campers long after they leave ALC!!  All year long, we cherish the notes, emails and news from families who update us on how camp has influenced their camper’s lives.  From time to time we even get copies of essays written by our ALC campers for school assignments!  A camp family recently shared this essay with us and we just had to share it with all of YOU!  Thank you to our ALC Explorer Camper who captured the essence of camp life so completely in her essay!  Enjoy this lovely essay!


Sue McMullan, Director and Betsy Brayley, Assistant Director


Once I was introduced to a magical place in Hope, Maine.  This is what I call my second home.  It is a spot where I can think and say what I want whenever I want.  It is a place where I can release my inner talents and let my outer shell shed.

I am the second generation to go to this special world.  My mom and my aunt went there before me.  I go, willing, to extend the girl side of the family tradition.  Though it is a tradition, it is a fun and cheerful one.  Every time I go, the people change.  there are always new friends to share memories with.  This hidden gem is my camp, Alford Lake Camp.

Durng the time that I go to camp, I get much more mature and independent.  The directors encourage us to reach out to new girls and widen our comfort zones.  I arrive with my friends and sister thought I leave with a bunch of newly made friends to keep in touch with.

I started going to camp when I was eight years old.  I was scared and nervous to be without my parents for seven weeks, but when I got there, I was greeted with a smile and a hug.  So, in the comfort of being in a place with girls just like me, I came back to camp for two more years after that.  I am going there again this summer, happy to see my old friends and excited to meet some new friends.

Every year I learn something new about life.  Each of life’s lessons helps me be a better person.  So, every year I think about my summer waiting ahead of me with a smile on my face, but butterflies in my stomach.



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  1. Lucy Westerfield Says:

    This, here, is a reason I love being a counselor, especially after having been a camper. This is lovely.

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