As day broke on the final full day of ALC’s 113th summer, there was a mix of emotions here at camp. There was a great sense of accomplishment for all that campers and staff have done this summer; there was excitement and nervousness about heading home for fall adventures, and there was sadness as campers and staff prepared to say farewell to one another and their summer together. Even the weather seemed to be sensing the change - our lake is often still and glassy in the early morning, but Sunday, there was an early morning breeze blowing. The boats bounced back and forth in the water, seemingly uneasy about what was happening, and not entirely sure how to approach it.

Sunday, we celebrated the accomplishments of this wonderful summer. Each camper found her own successes. Perhaps she got on a horse for the first time, challenged herself to go on a trip, performed on stage in Drama, Dance or Gymnastics, made a basket in Art, earned her Skipper in Sailing, among other opportunities open to campers in their activities each day. Beyond their activities, campers also learned to live away from home, they lived in a tent with other people (which is different each summer they are here!), campers navigated and strengthened friendships old and new, they worked through joyous moments and challenges with each other, and each camper worked hard to be a positive member of the ALC community.

At the end of the summer, a parent said to his sad camper, “Camp must end so it can begin again.” While we are sad that we have reached the end of this summer, we hope that each camper and counselor will have the courage to take the lessons learned at ALC this summer home with them. We hope that each member of this community will dare to make a difference, and that she will have the courage to be her true self, a good friend and citizen. We are so proud of each of our campers. Thank you for sharing them with us this summer. Their accomplishments are many, and we can’t wait for you to hear their stories.