Dear Campers

Today’s blog is for our campers. We hope that parents will share this with them as they return home this week. We are so thankful to have spent the summer with this group of campers, and we hope that their ALC experience will stay with them throughout the upcoming year. We also hope that this letter allows alumni to pause and remember all the magic of their ALC summers.

We are excited to announce that enrollment for 2019 has started!

Dear Campers,

As summer days wind to an end and you get ready to return to school, we hope that you will continue to carry ALC in your heart and mind. Our experiences together at camp have a way of sticking with ALCers, and we hope that they will stay with you too. Here are some ALC tenets that we hope you will continue to hold dear:

Flex. Be willing to let someone else take the lead, be okay with not always getting your way, and even be willing to adjust to a last minute change. The ability to be flexible is is a gift to yourself and those around you.

Be present. Enjoy where you are and the people you are with, and focus on the situation at hand. Have the courage to step away from technology, as we do at camp.

Always leave a place better than you found it. Have the awareness to take care of where you are - pick up trash left on the table at lunch, return a sweatshirt left behind at practice, help your teacher clean up the classroom, put things away at home. Make a difference!

Be resilient. Remember that you know how to push through challenges. There were moments this summer when you learned to push through and learn from mistakes, and you are stronger as a result.

Be kind. We practice kindness each day at camp - helping tentmates and friends, reaching out to get to know others, working together to solve challenges. It has a huge impact here at camp, imagine how you can affect others at home too.

Remember Who You Are and What You Represent. Be true to yourself, even in the face of obstacles. Remember that wherever you may be, you represent yourself, your family, your school, friends, and ALC.

In your days here at ALC, we have seen each of you gain a renewed sense of self - confidence in who you are, and the ability to stand independently and make good choices for yourself - be it in choosing an activity, in making close friends, in handling a difficult situation with a tentmate, in trying new foods, and so on. Our greatest hope is that you will each continue to be this confident Alford Laker as you accept new challenges in the year ahead. We hope that you will refer to these ALC tenets throughout the year - if and when you are faced with obstacles, we hope you will reflect on these ideas to help guide you. Stay in touch with camp friends - even when apart, ALCers are great support for one another.

We can’t wait to see you next summer!