Joy Abounds at ALC!

Alford Lake Camp is a joyful place. Yes, there are challenging moments, adjustment moments, and times of a bit of sadness too. But there is a joyfulness exuded at camp every day, up and down the hill.

There is joy on the tentline - campers and staff spending time together in their tents playing cards, reading a book, talking, laughing, cleaning up their space, just being a tent family.

There is joy among friends as they walk to and from activities and meals.

There is joy in activities as campers acquire new skills, reinforce existing skills, and support their friends in doing the same.

There is joy from our staff as they get as excited as the campers when someone masters a skill or tries something new.

There is joy in the kitchen as the chefs and kitchen staff work as a team to create wonderfully tasty meals for the community.

There is joy in the Dining Room as we gather to enjoy not only wonderful food, but the company of other members of our community. Eating family style, we have the opportunity to celebrate the day, to learn about one another, to have a good laugh.

There is joy on our trips - both the Global Challenge Trips and our Out of Camp Trips for in-camp campers - as they go further than they may have thought they could.

There is joy as our JR. CTs deliver mail to our campers and they hear from their families - knowing that they have the love and support from home while learning to be confident and independent young women.

There is joy as we gather for Logs each Sunday evening to celebrate all that has taken place during the last week, and as we look ahead to the adventures of a new week.

There is joy as we enjoy being present with each other in this place, really getting to know one another, without the distractions of technology. Here, we look each other in the eye, take the time to listen and be with one another.

There is joy as members of this community dare to stand tall in front of the whole community - be it making an announcement in the Dining Room or performing at Campfire, Logs or Saturday Night Theatre.

There is joy in art projects campers are busy creating each day. These are filled with love, thoughtfulness, hard work and effort.

There is joy in every tent as they finish each day with a cozy story and time together before saying ‘goodnight.’

There is joy for all of us as we watch our campers grow and stretch, knowing that the confidence and skills gained at camp will help them make a difference - in their communities and the world.

We are thankful for the joy that exists at Alford Lake Camp each and every day.