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This summer, we will connect.

A month into 2024, we can feel the excitement for the coming summer really beginning to build. Enrollment has been busy throughout January - we find ourselves full in some age groups and sessions! The Parent Mailing has been launched, giving campers and their families lots of details and forms about the upcoming summer. The catalog filled with ALC clothing has been released by Maine Camp Outfitters - soon returning campers will find cozy new sweatshirts replacing outgrown ones, and new campers will put their ALC sweatshirts on for the very first time!

We know it won’t be long until the snow melts at ALC, and then it will be time to open camp in preparation for the summer. Campers’ trunks will be packed and shipped to camp, and we will find ourselves eagerly awaiting the arrival of campers and counselors. The quiet peace of winter will be replaced by the beautiful sounds of laughter on the tentline, paddles dipping into the lake, shouts of joy at a well-hit ball at Tennis, animated conversations in the Dining Room, and of course, lots of singing.

For each of us who will be part of the ALC community this summer, we know we will have opportunities to connect with one another both as we rekindle old friendships and as we make new ones. Part of the magic of camp is having time to simply be together. Whether we are sharing a meal, living together in a tent, or just walking across camp, we have the time to talk, laugh, and really know those with whom we spend the summer.

For those who have spent summers in the past at ALC, we hope you continue to cherish the connections made during your days at camp. We hope you will dare to reach out and rekindle an ALC friendship and celebrate the lasting joy of these ALC connections.

ALCers of 2024, we can’t wait for you to be at Alford Lake Camp this summer. We can’t wait to see you all connect with others and have the time to be together.

Just five months until we are together again!


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