Wow! What a week it has been here at ALC!

We welcomed our campers on Tuesday, and they settled into their tents and jumped right in to new routines. Tuesday night provided us with the opportunity to introduce the whole camp community - it was so fun to hear where everyone lives and see each tent group stand up together!

On Wednesday, campers spent time with their tentmates visiting all of the activities throughout camp. Everyone had the chance to jump into our beautiful lake, check in with the nurses, play some games, and begin to learn skills.

Thursday’s rain did not stop us from enjoying the first full day of activities. Campers and counselors pulled on their raincoats and boots and headed out around camp for the day.

Adventures included riding in the rain, practicing for Saturday Night Theater, learning a new dance, working with glass to make jewelry in Art, learning the points of sail in Sailing, practicing knots in ODE, and playing table tennis in the Dining Room. Each department plans fun rainy day activities to keep the campers active and involved.

Weather in Maine can change quickly, and we awoke on Friday morning to a glorious day of sunshine. Campers were excited to head to the lake to try the Endurance Test. It was exciting to see many campers pass the Endurance Test (20 minutes of swimming, followed by 5 minutes each of treading water and floating), and for campers to know that they can always come and try the test again as their swimming gets stronger. Many campers spent as much time as possible on the waterfront this hot day - at Sailing, Canoeing, and back to Swimming for Free Swim!

In other exciting news, the Drama staff announced the Full Season Musical. On Friday, our Full Season campers auditioned for Matilda, which will be presented on Saturday of Visitors’ Weekend. It is amazing to see the campers bring the musical to life each year.

Saturday was another busy day at camp. Campers and counselors worked together in activities throughout the day. Some highlights of the day included: swim lessons for all campers in the lake - a popular place to be on a hot day, a trail ride in Riding, the unveiling of a new dressing room in Drama, and we finished the day with an awesome Saturday Night Theatre production!

Sunday is a change of pace day here at ALC. Campers spend time writing letters home and playing games with tentmates and CTs while counselors meet to review the completed week and plan for the week ahead. We then gather together for Sunday in the Pines, where a few campers and counselors share their thoughts on a selected topic. This week’s theme was Sharing. Campers and counselors spoke about both sharing space with their tentmates and opening up to share themselves with the camp community. Congratulations to JJ and CeCe who the campers elected to be the camper leaders for the first two weeks of camp. After enjoying lunch, tent groups headed out for an adventure together, ending with a tent picnic for dinner. Our ALC community closes out the week with Logs, a traditional ALC ceremony.

As we head into a new week here at Alford Lake, we are so thankful that our campers have settled in and embraced life at camp so quickly. Each day is a new adventure, and it is amazing to watch the campers grow and gain confidence each day.