I want to choose

Each camper decides how she wants to spend her day, choosing from the many options on the schedule for her age group. She will have the freedom and opportunity both to try every activity and to focus on those that interest her the most. We track attendance and encourage campers to try new activities. 

Riding lessons are scheduled by ability at set times twice a week. Campers sign up for Community Service and Out of Camp Trips. Counselors announce when they will offer Baskets, Ceramics, Kayaking and Paddleboarding.

Living in tents

Our white canvas platform tents are a signature part of the ALC overnight camp experience, each housing four to six campers and one counselor. Generations of campers have sung songs about the tents, played “flashlight tag” with friends, rolled the tent flaps to let air in, and hooked the flaps down to stay cozy and dry when it rains. ALC alumni yearn for the sound of rain on the tent roof remembering happy times together with their friends.

Made with a wood frame and floor, the tents
are sturdy and comfortable. Each camper and counselor has a cot, and space on a set of shelves to store clothing. Rafters above provide room for sleeping bags, and a trunk under their beds gives additional storage space. Flashlights and headlamps illuminate the tent at night.

On clear, breezy days, campers can roll every side of the tent up and enjoy feeling like they’re living in a tree house. Summer at camp in Maine is the best!

Two wash houses with electricity and running water are situated on each end of the tent line - a short walk from the tents. 

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