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I want to be prepared.

We cannot wait to welcome our campers to ALC! We ask that you carefully read the parent handbook and save it for future reference so that you and your camper(s) feel ready and excited for the upcoming summer adventure.


CampInTouch is your online parent portal that has everything you will need to get ready for camp. Here you will be able to update your contact info, manage payments, find the Parent Handbook and other important documents, and access all your camp forms. If you have any trouble logging in, give the ALC office a call (207-785-2400) and we will be happy to help.

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Winter To-Do List

  • Read your Parent Handbook. Located in the Forms & Documents Section of CampInTouch It is full of great information both new and returning families need to know.

  • Make travel to camp (details on bus, plane, and auto transportation can be found in your parent handbook).

  • Take a look at the Packing List and order camp clothing from Maine Camp Outfitters. Don’t forget sew-in/iron-on name tags!

  • Schedule a Health Exam with your Licensed Primary Care Provider and have them complete the Physician's Health Recommendation form found in CampInTouch. A health exam is required within 12 months of arriving in camp (within 12 months for Global Challenge Trip participants).

  • If your camper is going on Alps or Nova apply for or renew their passport (must be valid for at least six months after the last day of camp.)

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Spring To-Do List

  • All camp forms are due by May 15th. Navigate to the Forms & Documents section of your CampInTouch account to access all camp forms.

  • Label all personal items with the camper’s first and last name, including clothes, shoes, towels, pillows, pillow cases, trunks, backpacks, and gear.

  • Pack and ship your camper’s trunk- shipping information can be found in your Parent Handbook.

  • Check your camper for lice, and have her treated and re-checked if necessary.

  • Inform family and friends of our mail, package, and visitation policies.

  • Send a letter one week before she is due in camp, so that she receives mail during her first days at ALC.


It is our honor to have your daughter(s) joining our Alford Lake Camp community and we are available to answer any questions you might have about her summer at camp. Please feel free to call our office staff – we have years of experience!  


Thank you very much for completing ALL forms in a timely manner and preparing to do your part to make our summer safe, healthy, and fun for your camper.

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