Alford Lake Camp is located in beautiful Hope, Maine, just off Route 17 in Maine. The nearby towns of Camden, Rockland, and Rockport offer a variety of places to stay for our visitors. Please CLICK HERE for suggestions of hotels, inns, bed & breakfast and camping locations. Midcoast Maine is a popular vacation destination so plan early.


Prospective Families

Visiting Alford Lake Camp is a wonderful way to see our community in action. We encourage families to schedule a visit during our summer session, where you will be taken on a guided tour by a staff member and a camper of similar age to your daughter. This is a great opportunity for your camper to see others living and enjoying life at ALC. You can finish your visit by talking with Sue and Betsy, ALC Directors, who will answer any questions you might have. You can join us anytime during the summer season, just phone or email us at to set up a time.


If you can’t make a visit to Maine, we encourage you to attend one of our winter gatherings. Gatherings are attended by campers, alums, families and friends of ALC. We always show a video of our prior summer, and then follow it with stories and laughter. It will give you the chance to meet our extended family, ask questions, and see more of our Alford Lake community in action during the winter months!

Family Camp - for new and returning families

Another great opportunity for families to experience ALC is to join us for Family Camp. Family Camp allows the whole family to enjoy camp, and gives your prospective camper the chance to get comfortable with ALC. You can visit our FAMILY CAMP page for more detailed information on Family Camp this summer, and how you can enroll.


Current Camp Families

We love opening our doors to visitors to give you a glimpse of life at ALC! At the same time, we want parents to know that it is also perfectly okay not to visit your camper. Some parents have let us know that they have had the impression that visiting is a must, and this is not the case.


We offer three opportunities for campers to have visitors. Each of these visiting days will give families the opportunity to spend time with their camper(s), have a picnic lunch, meet their camper’s friends and counselors, and be part of our weekly Sunday in the Pines. For the health and happiness of all campers, it is ALC policy that no camper may leave camp with a visitor at any time.


Visiting Days 2020 will be:

Sunday, July 5

Friday, July 17 & Saturday, July 18 (Visitors’ Weekend)

Sunday, August 2 


Please share this information with friends and/or family who might visit your camper.

Schedule Overview for Sunday, July 5th and Sunday, August 2nd

11:00 Families arrive and spend time with the camper(s)

12:00 Sunday in the Pines

1:00 Lunch (Families enjoy a bring-your-own picnic lunch with their Camper)

1:45 Campers say goodbye to their visitors and return to Dining Room to rejoin their tent group. Visitors depart.


We request that families be in touch with us prior to visiting so that we can work together to be sure a visit will be successful. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and bringing a sweatshirt so that you are ready for Maine weather. Because of limited space in our dining room, we are unable to invite guests to join us for meals. We suggest that you bring a picnic to share with your camper. We ask that you limit any “sweets” to desserts only (i.e. brownies or cookies) and that no candy or gum be brought into camp during visits. Please also remember that we ask that any food brought to ALC for picnic lunches contain no nut products or may have had contact with nuts.


Our Visitors’ Weekend will be Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th. It is designed as an opportunity for the families of Full Season campers to visit their daughter (s), and for all ALC families to experience camp. Please see the schedule below for an overview of the Visitors’ Weekend schedule. We will send a more detailed schedule for Friday and Saturday to you in early July.


Thursday, July 16

9:30 a.m.- Noon Session I Campers depart


Friday, July 17 - Open to ALL families

6:30 p.m. Please join us for Campfire


Saturday, July 18 - Open to ALL families

9:15 a.m. Visitors arrive

9:30 -11:15 a.m. Activities open for campers and their families

11:15 a.m. Tent time for campers and their families

11:45 a.m. Sunday in the Pines (on Saturday). We invite you to be a part of this ALC tradition.

1 p.m. Families enjoy a bring-your-own picnic lunch with their Camper

2-5:15 p.m. Activities open for campers and their families

5:15 p.m. Dinner - Open to all families

6:15-6:50 p.m. Parent meeting with key leaders

7 p.m. Full Season theater production. ALL visitors depart at the conclusion

of the play.


Sunday, July 19

Session II Campers Arrive

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Alford Lake Camp Office at 207-785-2400.