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…Oh Alford Lake Camp Spirit

…Oh Alford Lake Camp Spirit, the beauty we all know,

Through years as we return here, the summer patterns grow.

Alford Lake Campers and Counselors, past and present, know these words as the refrain in Patterns, the song we sing at the end of Logs each Sunday, and at the end of Spirit Night on the last night of camp. Generations of ALCers can hear Mrs. M’s voice singing “The woodfires in the Camphouse…” to begin this song.

Throughout her seven decades at ALC, Mrs. M sought to instill each member of the ALC community with confidence, joy, friendship, and the belief that we could each go out and make a difference in the world. She lived by example, daring to challenge the world to become a friendlier place, and it was through her sheer determination that she succeeded in bringing children together to help break down Cold War barriers. Mrs. M cherished and embodied the Alford Lake Camp Spirit, and she shared it with all of us.

We believe that the best way to honor and celebrate this legendary woman is for us to each carry her determination forward as we go out and make a difference in the world. She often reminded us to “remember who we are and what we represent”. The Alford Lake Camp Spirit is within each of us, and we hope that we will each have the courage to be kind, be a good friend, and to help to make the world a better place for others each and every day.

These patterns of kindness, friendship, thoughtfulness of others, joy, and confidence continue to grow and flourish in today’s campers, as they have for the generations who preceded them on Alford Lake’s shores. We hope that each ALCer is inspired to continue to celebrate and cherish the connections and deep friendships we made in our days at ALC. May all of these patterns continue to grow.


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