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Thoughts from the Tentline

We invited some campers to share their thoughts about their ALC experience. This month, we hear from two current campers.

I have been going to camp for 4 years now and it has been amazing. Each year has been a wonderful experience and I have made so many friends. I am so grateful for the ALC Scholarship Fund because that has given me the opportunity to go to camp. Camp has allowed me to do so many amazing activities like Sailing, Horseback Riding, and so many more. I feel Alford Lake Camp has changed my thoughts on some of the things I don't give enough thanks for and has also just made me a better person overall. ALC encouraged me to be much more confident. ALC inspires more confidence because of how welcome I feel there and how everyone is so nice and you never have to feel like you don’t belong.

As I said earlier, the ALC Scholarship Fund has allowed me to go, and without it I probably would not be able to go to camp. I am so grateful for everything at camp that you do for me and am so sad that I only have 2 years left being a camper. I have formed so many bonds and memories. I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to be part of the ALC community. Thank you for everything you do for me and everyone at ALC.

~ A Senior Guide, ALCer since 2021


Next summer at ALC I am excited to be going for the full season at camp!

Last year was my first summer at ALC. I went for only the second session of camp, and when my parents visited about a week before the end of my summer there, I told them that the half session was just too short for me. I didn’t even have time to finish my basket weaving!

ALC is the most fun place, full of choices and freedom (also a nice amount of swimming). There are many different options each day; I love being able to choose what to do depending on what mood I am in and which friends I want to spend time with within those activities. I don’t like having a lot of empty time—at camp there is always lots to do and lots of company around, so I don’t get bored!

I love the small groups in the tents (with a counselor and 3-5 other campers) because it helps you to bond with a small group of people over the summer, and hopefully stay friends with them for years to come.

To conclude, I will simply say: I can’t wait to go back to ALC this summer for more fun, freedom, friends, and swimming!!!

~ A Blazer, ALCer since 2023


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