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“I’ve Got This!”

A couple of summers ago, a new 12-year old camper, taking advantage of the range of opportunities available to her at ALC, came down to Sailing. She soon found herself riding in the Whaler with other campers and counselors, heading out to sail in one of our awesome sailboats on beautiful Alford Lake. When it was her turn to climb into a sailboat, she hesitated, clearly VERY nervous about this new adventure.

The Sailing counselor who was driving the Whaler asked if she was okay, wanting to be sure the camper was ready to get into the boat. The camper looked that counselor right in the eyes and said “I’ve got this”. And off she went on her first sail across Alford Lake. In the following days, this camper would also try her hand at Canoeing, and it is there she found her passion.

One of the many gifts of summers at ALC is the opportunity to test the waters and try something new. Camp gives campers the opportunity to try new things in a safe space, surrounded by friends and counselors who will support them - cheering them on as they develop skills, practice these skills, and ultimately gain confidence in their skills. It’s not always a quick process. Sometimes a camper needs to practice small steps for a while before she finds that inner confidence. But over the course of each summer, we see campers have “I’ve got this” moments as they find their footing in activities, friendships, and as members of the community.

Perhaps more than ever, today’s children need these opportunities to believe in themselves and to be surrounded by people who believe in them. They need to

be in a place where they can test the waters, sometimes stumble, and then realize that, indeed, “they’ve got this”. These moments will empower our campers to believe in themselves as they navigate through the greater world.

In 2023, as a Full Season Senior Guide, that former 12-year camper will S.O.A.R. in Canoeing. Pretty awesome for a camper who had such little boating experience when she arrived at Alford Lake!


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