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Simple Living

Summers at ALC provide us with the opportunity to live simply. Nowadays, it’s easy to equate that idea of simplicity to going without cell phones, computers, social media, etc. for the summer. There’s no question that this is part of what makes camp so magical - after all, we get to live in the moment all day, everyday, without feeling the need to make those moments Instagram worthy.

But it’s important to realize that simple living at ALC is deeper than just going tech free for the summer. We live simply in cozy canvas tents without electricity. Campers are empowered to become independent and resilient as they learn how to coexist with others in this small space. Learning to live side by side with new friends helps us create relationships and connections with others that are built on respect, understanding, and sensitivity to others. Campers learn to trust themselves in their surroundings by being more in tune with what they need for the day (remembering a raincoat when it’s raining, or to put on sneakers for Tennis!), and even as they use flashlights to navigate at night. We wear camp clothes, which helps us focus on being our true selves, without worrying about who has what brand of clothing, and who does not.

It’s been this way for generations - long before social media even existed. Mrs. M used to remind us to “remember who you are and what you represent”. The simple down to earth living at ALC enables us to realize who we are and what we represent. Days spent at ALC give us the opportunity to focus on thoughtfulness, kindness, and respect for one another. The gift of this time to be present with camp friends, to dare to be our true selves, is even more critical than ever in today’s busy, fast-moving world.

We find that campers and counselors alike settle into camp routines and quickly begin to flourish. We are thankful that simple living at ALC goes far beyond merely going tech free for the summer. Without necessarily being able to articulate it, there is a quiet appreciation for being given permission to embrace this simplicity. Campers and counselors embrace the opportunity to be their true selves, and form deep friendships that are fostered through quality time spent together each day. Thank you ALC families, for giving your daughter this gift so that, with the support of confident, caring ALC counselors, she can realize and remember who she is and what she represents.


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