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New Beginnings

One of the many gifts of each summer at ALC is the element of newness for everyone as we arrive at camp. Campers move into a new tent, with a combination of tentmates and campers that is unique to that summer. Campers accept new challenges -  learning new skills in activities, accepting new responsibilities within the community, making new friends, and further developing existing friendships. As campers move up the tentline through their camper years, they continue to find new ways to grow in our program - either by digging deeper into an activity they have experienced in the past, or even trying something that is totally new to them! What an awesome gift to be able to choose new levels of engagement each summer!

At the same time, Counselors are having new experiences themselves. Even if they are returning to camp, they are likely taking on new leadership opportunities, they are living with a different group of campers, and there will be a new mix of people on the staff.

When we talk with prospective families, we are frequently asked what it is like to be a new camper in camp. We find that our returning campers are excited to welcome a new camper into their tent and age group, and they are eager to help her settle in and learn the routines at ALC. The beauty of each new summer is that as we bring the community together, we are all there to help one another, and how we quickly forget who was new when they arrived for the summer.

Camper and Counselors of 2024, we are SO EXCITED to welcome you for this new summer ahead! May we all have the courage and willingness to accept new challenges and responsibilities - we will see you in just a few months!


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